Making evidence work in schools: Sheffield conference

26 April 2018

Evidence in education. It’s a thing now.

Bids for school funding must include it; good CPD training will reference it; individual classroom teachers are getting interested in it.

But the ‘thing’, the ‘it’, the ‘evidence’ can still seem an unwieldy behemoth with no easy point of access. So we offer to you our ‘Making Evidence Work in Schools’ conference as a superb place to start (or continue) your school’s evidence informed approach.

Whether you know which specific area your school needs to focus on, or whether you want to get a sense of the breadth of evidence available, this one-day event at Sheffield Hallam on June 15th will provide a wealth of useful knowledge in the following areas:


Engaging with evidence

Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive of the EEF, will deliver his keynote with a focus on the effective use of evidence in challenging school context, while John Tomsett will speak about leading an evidence informed school.

Colleagues from Sheffield schools will also be part of sessions throughout the day, sharing their experiences of a more research-informed approach in a variety of situations, from CPD to disciplined inquiry and literacy interventions.

Pupil Premium

Marc Rowland, Head of the Rosendale Research School, will be speaking about how evidence can support the effective use of pupil premium and the secondary pupil premium project in Sheffield

Mixed ability grouping

Becky Francis, Director of the Institute of Education at UCL, will be sharing findings from the Best Practice in Grouping Students project.


Alex Quigley, Director of Huntington Research School will be talking about ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap’ as an approach to supporting all learners in accessing more difficult curricula at all key stages.


With the recent release of the EEF’s latest guidance report, there will be session content available to help delegates begin to understand the nuances of metacognition of self-regulated learning, and how to apply it in a meaningful way in classroom contexts.

So whatever your school priorities for 2018-19 we are hopeful that you will find much to prompt thought, provide supporting resources and offer guidance on how you can make evidence work at your school.

Tickets cost £125 and you can book your place by emailing

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