New Year’s Resolutions

2 January 2018

Here at Huntington Research School we are excited about what 2018 holds in store. And, as is customary, we have set ourselves some New Year’s resolutions, and just for a change, none of these are evidence based!

  1. Keep a tidy desk
  2. Get Tilly and Lilly’s names the right way round
  3. Print resources the night before, and not in the morning
  4. Give more positive comments than negative ones
  5. Remember to get the pupils to put chairs on the desk at the end of the day
  6. Be on time to break duty
  7. Don’t eat lunch while checking emails
  8. Don’t eat 7 biscuits in each department meeting
  9. Be more sociable at staff events
  10. Try to crack more gags
  11. Reduce use of post-it note lists by 10%
  12. Stop making lists of lists and then making lists of lists you haven’t done
  13. Delete the thousands of items in the ‘deleted items inbox’
  14. Don’t drop food and/or coffee on marking
  15. Don’t get insulted when the class don’t laugh at my hilarious jokes
  16. Don’t trail sets of books around with in a bag like a guilty secret, knowing full well they won’t get marked

Have a wonderfully enjoyable, educational and evidence-informed 2018 everyone!


Look out for Huntington Research School events in 2018. To secure places on any of the below contact 

  • Free vocabulary twilight sessions on January 22nd and March 1st
  • Free Maths twilight on February 27th
  • 3 day literacy programme starting in March
  • 3 day metacognition programme starting in March
Posted on 2 January 2018
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