‘Evidence in Education: Northern Networks – Making it Work’

20 October 2017

We are very excited to co-lead a great conference with the Institute for Effective Education, at York University on the 20th of October, entitled: ‘Evidence in Education – Northern Networks Making it Work’.
We have two outstanding keynote speakers: Sean Harford, OFSTED National Director of Education, who will share the current direction of OFSTED, from research-informed inspections, to a focus on high quality curriculum and assessment, and Roger Pope, the Chair of the National College of Teaching and Leadership, and Principal of Kingsbridge Community College (also a national Research School), speaking about the emerging networks that support evidence-based practice in our school system.

The full programme is available at the end of this email.

The event is for school and system leaders who are looking tofind out the latest about evidence-based practice in schools. 

The day will include sessions on the current funding pipelines from IEE Innovation funding, to SSIF applications, bidding for EEF projects and more. This session will be led by Alex Quigley, from Huntington Research School and the EEF, alongside Tom Martell from the EEF.  Other sessions will include a focus on effective school improvement and evaluating impact, with case studies of school leaders, like Megan Dixon and James Siddle, who are driving exceptional school improvement using evidence.

You can book tickets HERE.

If you want to discuss any aspects of the conference, simply get in touch by email or phone.
Programme outine: 

‘Evidence in Education – Northern Networks Making it Work’

9.30 am               Arrival, registration

10.00                    Break out session 1

Building a performance development system with evidence at its heart – John Tomsett, Huntington School

Leading with evidence – James Siddle, Kyra Research School

10.50                    Coffee

11.20                    Keynote – Roger Pope, National College for Teaching & Leadership & Kingsbridge RS

12.10 pm             Break out session 2

Ten ways to start working with evidence – Jo Pearson, Oldham Research School

Improving funding bids with evidence – Alex Quigley, Huntington Research School & EEF / Tom Martell, EEF

1.00                      Lunch

2.00                      Break out session 3

Planning for measurement, tools that can help – Alicia Shaw, IEE / Jane Elsworth, Huntington Research School

How does it work? One school’s story from RI to Outstanding – Megan Dixon, Aspirer Research School


2.40                      Keynote – Sean Harford, OFSTED, National Director, Education

3.30                      Close


We would be delighted to host lots of school leaders and interested individuals and organisations. It is a great chance to connect with the Research School network as well as OFSTED and more.


Evidence in Edu 2017

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