Leading TAs for Maximum Impact

09:00 on 17 March 2017–15:00 on 6 July 2017

Teaching Assistants play a vital role for the success of our students across the country. There is an increasing awareness that leading our TA teams effectively can have a dramatically positive difference for our schools.

In the recent OFSTED School Inspection Update, from Sean Harford, it was great to see a recognition of the important role of TAs by our inspectorate, as well as references to the emerging evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) on the effective deployment of Teaching Assistants. The evidence clearly offers us key recommendations:

  • avoid using TAs as substitute teachers for low-attaining pupils;
  • use TAs to supplement what teachers do, not replace them;
  • ensure TAs are fully prepared for their role in the classroom, through out-of-class liaison with teachers;
  • use TAs to deliver high-quality, one-to-one and small-group support using structured interventions.


The OFSTED Update goes on to pose important questions for school leaders:

  • How do senior leaders ensure that TAs are deployed effectively in line with this evidence?
  • Are TAs supplementing the work of teachers or replacing them?
  • Is there a well-planned programme of training and support for TAs who deliver out-of-class interventions?


At Huntington Research School, an EEF Research School, we are running a programme for school leaders with Diane Heritage, who has helped shape the EEF training, Claire Constantopoulos, an experienced Headteacher and LLE, and Alex Quigley, Director of Research School. We draw upon the wealth of EEF evidence, tools and resources, to help school leaders shape high quality provision across their school, TSAs or MATs.

This programme is for senior leaders and SENCOs, who have the responsivity to lead TAs and their deployment and it begins mid-March, 2017. It is cross phase, combining expertise from primary and secondary schools.

If you want to book your place for one of the available places, then please go to our EVENTS page. If you want to find out more about the training, or opportunities to work with Huntington Research School, contact us by email at huntresearchsch@gmail.com.

To book please click here to make payment on our Huntington School Website


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Posted on 27 January 2017
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