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Homework: What Does the Evidence Say?

10 November 2017

The subject of homework inspires strong opinions. Teachers, parents and students themselves all have a view on the matter and those views are often diametrically opposed. Dylan Wiliam, back in 2014, shared a very strong opinion that didn’t exactly condemn the evidence and action related to homework to the dustbin, but he poked a gaping hole into our every assumption about homework and its impact. […]

Posted on: 10 November 2017
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Lazy boys and hardworking girls?

1 February 2017

What does the evidence tell us about gender differences in homework time commitment? Research has found that homework can have a positive effect on educational achievement and attainment. According to the EEF Toolkit, the impact of homework on learning in secondary schools is consistently positive (leading to on average five months’ additional progress). However, getting […]

Author: Jane Elsworth
Posted on: 1 February 2017
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Homework: Are we asking the right questions?

3 November 2016

Every student, teacher and parent has an opinion about homework. Researchers too have studied the effects of homework the world over, sharing their insights widely. From Shanghai to Swindon, the complex matter of homework is the subject of debate and, it would appear, some debatable evidence. In a new study, communicated by the renowned cognitive […]

Posted on: 3 November 2016
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