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Why can’t boys be…well, more like girls?

17 January 2018

Schools are complex places full of blood, sweat and break-times. Making sense of all of the complex factors that determine the success of our students is a devilishly difficult task, like the proverbial needle-seeking in a haystack. When faced with such difficulty, whilst being tired and time-poor, we instinctively look for short-cuts to help us. […]

Posted on: 17 January 2018
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Lazy boys and hardworking girls?

1 February 2017

What does the evidence tell us about gender differences in homework time commitment? Research has found that homework can have a positive effect on educational achievement and attainment. According to the EEF Toolkit, the impact of homework on learning in secondary schools is consistently positive (leading to on average five months’ additional progress). However, getting […]

Author: Jane Elsworth
Posted on: 1 February 2017
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What Are Our Children Reading?

29 October 2016

It is a truth universally acknowledged that reading is a crucial life skill (and a potential life thrill) for every one of our students. So what are our children reading? And are they reading with success? Keith Topping, Professor of Educational and Social Research, School of Education, University of Dundee, has been searching out some […]

Posted on: 29 October 2016
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