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Assessment in a Differentiated Classroom

14 December 2017

‘An effective teacher makes the curriculum (the “what” of teaching) accessible through appropriate teaching practices (the “how” of teaching).’ I am attempting to use research to inform and shape my practice. I teach Science in a mixed-ability KS4 classroom to pupils from range of backgrounds and with a range of abilities […]

Author: Dan Clark-Frew, Science teacher, Huntington
Posted on: 14 December 2017
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‘Testing the Water’ and the Future of Assessment

4 December 2017

This past week, LKMco and Pearson, released a new report on assessment in schools, entitled ‘Testing the Water’. It is a really helpful document for school leaders as it surveys the turbulent waters of assessment, whilst offering us some ballast as we steer our future course through choppy seas. […]

Author: Alex Quigley, Director of Huntington Research School
Posted on: 4 December 2017
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